Cooling It With A Beach Cruiser Lowrider Bike

By Alastair Hamilton

A lowrider bike is an awesome way to express your creativity and imagination. They are quickly gaining popularity all over the world due to their comfortable ride and stylish look.

Beach lowrider bikes are one of new styles of bicycles that are full of fun and enjoyment. You will see them in all different parts of the U.S., but mostly in urban areas. There are a great deal of groups that revolve around building, embellishing, and showing your friends and others your beach lowrider bikes. In the 1950s, there were hybrids of the traditional bicycles being born, including one of the first forms of the beach lowrider bikes. The thing that was different was that they were made to be very low to the ground and were longer than a traditional bicycle.


Eddie Munster is thought to have helped to make the lowrider bikes popular. This was during the 1960s show The Munsters. This first lowrider bike as a Schwinn Stingray and people quickly began to fall in love with this stylish bicycle. This first lowrider bike quickly became very popular and designers all over the world began to create their own version of this bicycle. Lowrider bikes are not made for going fast, but they are made for relaxing, easy rides through the neighborhood showing off your stylish bike.

Riding lowrider bikes is very comfortable because of their design. The fact that riders can sit up straight makes it less painful on the back and the handlebars are at a comfortable height, too. The seat is also very comfortable, because it is wider than a traditional bicycle and more cushioned. The under the seat shock absorber and wider tires help to keep the ride smooth. They are easy to manage and ride, too, due to the fact that most lowrider bikes only have one speed. This is great, unless you want to ride on a great deal of different terrain, and, if so, then you may want to consider purchasing a lowrider that has multiple speeds.

Beach cruiser lowrider bikes can also quickly become a statement of your personality and creativity. There is so much that you can do to your lowrider bike to make it into that personal statement that you want. From handpainting to unusual components to hydraulics and more, you are sure to find some ways to turn your lowrider bikes into the showpiece that you want. Individuality is big in lowrider bike enthusiasts and it is entirely possible that you will not see the same bicycle twice. Whether you choose to have your lowrider bike customized for you or you do it yourself, you are sure to have a lowrider bike that is fun and stylish to ride. What could be better than that?

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