Online Forex Trading: Better Than Futures Trading?

By Ruth S. Lanham

Online forex trading has a lot of differences with futures trading. However, there are futures traders who see that trading to futures is just a natural transition into trading to forex. Market liquidity, structure of pricing, and existing leverage are just few of the differences.

The online forex market has very smooth trends that are available in todays financial markets. Theres no other market that can match the participation and volume in forex trading so it becomes a haven for forex traders who want smaller gaps on prices and inconsistent spikes and other changing and uncontrollable conditions that are common in other low-volume markets like futures. Since the market is closed for a short time on weekends, market gaps are limited but possible thats why forex trading is consistently liquid.

Given the trending nature of forex trading, a trader, whether technical or fundamental, is attracted to it. Fundamental traders monitor the cash flows globally and position themselves between mid-term and long-term depending on the analysis of the demand and supply of a particular currency. For technical traders, they observe and wait for recurring patterns that are displayed on forex price charts and these are utilized as indicators whether there is overbuying or overselling of a currency.


Some investors may not know it, but all financial trade markets have a spread which is the difference between the bidding and asking price. In futures market, you also have to pay for commission, exchange fees and clearing. In forex trading, your broker may earn profit from his activities as a dealer of currency.

In forex market, real time price is utilized for the price offer and this is the price used when buying or selling. In the case of futures, the selling and buying price is dependent on the last trading or tick price. Since futures utilizes tick prices, it is expected that the moment your order is put into place, the price that you actually buy or sell is different from the recognized tick price.

In online forex, an investor has one margin rate for trading that is placed 24 hours per day. Your margin requirement may be less than one percent but it depends on the size of your trade. In futures market, the margin rate is varying the whole day and it is dependent on the volatility of the market. Also, the rate becomes higher at night as the market closed down and the brokers make their move to cover up their risks.

Online forex trading is open 24 hours a day for 5.5 days per week. Take note that, when one market is closing up in one time zone, another market is just opening up. So, as the markets in the Pacific begin to slow down, the markets in Europe like England, Germany and Switzerland are just beginning their operations.

Theres no need to hang around while the market you want is closed when there is news that future pits have actually closed as the day ends. This is an advantage for forex traders since theres flexibility and non-stop opportunities are available in forex market which are not true in futures. Keep in mind, however, that forex and futures markets are both risky markets. So, be careful when investing your money.

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