San Francisco’s Green Party endorses Cindy Sheehan in bid against Speaker Pelosi

San Francisco’s Green Party endorses Cindy Sheehan in bid against Speaker Pelosi

Thursday, June 19, 2008

San Francisco, California —Shortly after an extended question and answer session last night, anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan easily secured an endorsement from the San Francisco Green Party as nominative challenger to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in California’s 8th congressional district.

Sheehan in 2005

Sheehan answered a wide variety of questions helping to overcome a common perception that she is a one-issue candidate. Sheehan emphasized the stance for which she is famous, regarding ending the War in Iraq and dramatically reducing the amount of money spent by the Pentagon, explaining that the United States’ founders intended for us to have militia, not a multi-trillion dollar military used for “corporate imperialism.”

She also demonstrated a knowledge in a variety of topics that are important to party members, underscoring a commitment to the Green Party’s “10 Key Values,” while acknowledging that her campaign’s platform on indigenous rights is still being developed.

She stressed her differences from speaker Pelosi’s positions, and reaffirmed her belief that Pelosi has been complicit in maintaining the US presence in Iraq. Sheehan pointed out that she presently lives in the district, whereas Pelosi only recently purchased a home in Pacific Heights, her first in San Francisco. Pelosi has often been criticized for her absence from the district she represents. Sheehan provided an understanding of local issues, including the recent Hunter’s Point controversy, reiterating her commitment to “affordable housing, better mass transit, alleviating traffic, dependence on fossil fuels, [and] rent control.”

On the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks, Sheehan said, “I’ve never said it’s been an inside job, I’m not convinced of that,” but asserted that there are questions about the attacks that still need to be answered that only an independent, thorough investigation could provide.

Sheehan is receiving support from independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader and expected Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney. When asked whom she would endorse for president, Sheehan replied, “It’s a tossup between Ralph and Cynthia.”

Cindy Sheehan is still collecting the signatures needed to get on the ballot by the July filing date, but is expected to gain a substantial amount at the Gay Pride celebrations in the upcoming weeks. Sheehan is not running as a Green Party candidate, and has the endorsement of the local Peace and Freedom Party.

Also present was Barry Hermason, Green Party candidate for California’s 12th district, which includes most of the south-west quarter of San Francisco.

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A General Outlook At The Basics Of Quick Books, Ccna And Itil Training

By Adriana J. Noton

Training for any course can be difficult especially if you do not have a system. In the article, a general overview of QuickBooks, CCNA and ITIL training has been outlined. If you are looking to get accredited in the above certification, then the material below can help you get ready.

ITIL is the abbreviation for IT infrastructure library. This course is geared to enable best practice in IT managed services. Through this course, it is possible to empower your organization through information technology managed services. It also imparts knowledge to its student about the general outlook of information technology just like most IT courses.

Some of the most popular courses you will find in ITIL training are varied as they are many. Basically, you will be taught on how to build service catalogue, how to move from ITIL theory to practice and so on. You also get to know how to define the value of IT in any organization, firm or company. ITIL basics are also taught. Like most information technology courses, they will also train you on the basic of IT.


CCCNA is the abbreviation for Cisco certified network associate. This certification is of great value as it proves that a person is indeed well versed in networking technologies. Basically, this certification proves that you are able to install and maintain Cisco Ethernet network.

To learn CCNA, you can use several avenues it will all depend on your time, and financial capability. Some student may opt to use study books which they can use from home rather than study in class. Cisco provides several learning modules which are very useful in preparing for exams. They however advices their students to have some form of classroom coaching before the exams. They have several partners worldwide from whom you can get classroom coaching. To find one in your area, you will need to go to their website for details.

Basically, QuickBooks is accounting software geared for small or medium sized entities. This software is able to make general accounting duties such as payroll checks easier for people with little or no accounting education. With time and proper learning material, people are able to use it even more efficiently.

Just like CCNA, a course in QuickBooks can take several angles. You may opt for an on phone, online or in person setup. You may even use self assessment CDs for your training or find a QuickBooks expert in your area to train you. One of the best forms of coaching in quick books is using the web based program were you receive certification upon completion of your course. You will determine which of the above suits you best or you may use all of them or a combination of two or three learning avenues.

Just like most courses, to become certified will require a lot of hard work determination and burning the midnight oil. One of the key determinants in most examination success is having proper learning material. You may study hard but if your materials are not up to date, the results could be poor. So make it a point to find the best study material and study it before the exams. Also, ensure that you have at least eight straight hours of sleep before you sit an exam paper.

About the Author: ITIL Training can open a lot of doors in the IT industry. Alternatively a

CCNA Training

can help people transition from IT into Finance.


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UK PM’s speechwriter awaits sentence

UK PM’s speechwriter awaits sentence

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

An English lawyer has pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice. He faked a legal judgment and sent it to a father who was pleading in Taunton family court to be able to remain involved in his child’s upbringing. The lawyer, London barrister Bruce Hyman, now awaits his sentence. The judge indicated that he could receive a prison sentence. Bruce Hyman is well-known in media circles, having produced The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on BBC Radio. He also produced a series with Clive Anderson, at Above the Title Productions, called Unreliable Evidence.

The father, a former City financier, had attended a series of court hearings in order to make suitable arrangements to see his child following an acrimonious divorce. Shortly before one of these hearings he received an email, ostensibly from a self-help group to which he belonged, which had attached a Court of Appeal case that appeared favourable to an application he had made for the judge to stand down from the case. The father, who was representing himself, duly showed the case to the judge. At this point, Bruce Hyman, the lawyer representing the former wife, claimed to the judge that the case was a forgery, which indeed it turned out to be.

After confirming that the self-help group had not sent him the email, the father then embarked on some detective work his own. The fraudulent email was traced via its header to a dial-up internet connection and a phone number belonging to a shop in London. The shop was able to recover CCTV footage which showed a man sending the email from an Apple laptop. The man turned out to be Bruce Hyman.

Sentencing of Hyman is due in Bristol Crown Court on the 19th of September.

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Local council in Australia rejects McDonald’s development plan

Local council in Australia rejects McDonald’s development plan

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The development application for a McDonald’s restaurant at Minyama, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast in Australia, has been rejected by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council.

“We knocked back a Hungry Jack’s on Nicklin Way because of the nuisance code,” said divisional councilor Chris Thompson. “We already have a 24-hour McDonald’s at Mooloolaba, only one kilometre away, and there are already [anti-social] issues at that site.”

Map of countries that have McDonald’s restaurants.

Local residents previously vowed to fight any McDonald’s development at the proposed site due to the risk of anti-social behavior. Protest group spokesman John Meyer-Gleaves was “over the moon”.

“It’s not often you knock Maccas [McDonald’s] over,” he said.

Mayor Bob Abbot said Minyama was in some ways more suitable than Mooloolaba. However, he was concerned about the proximity to a residential estate.

The rejection is expected to be ratified at an ordinary meeting of the council on Thursday.

“It needs to be endorsed or ratified by council at its ordinary meeting on Thursday and then it will become a statutory decision of council,” Chris Thompson said. “I’m reasonably pleased with the outcome.”

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United Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Newark Airport

United Airlines flight makes emergency landing at Newark Airport

Monday, January 11, 2010

A United Airlines Airbus A319, similar to the one involved in the incident. Image: Bill Abbott.

United Airlines Flight 634 made an emergency landing yesterday morning when only two of the three landing wheels on the Airbus A319 deployed as the plane was making its final approach into Newark, New Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. After multiple attempts to fix the problem failed, the pilot decided that an emergency landing was the only remaining choice.

Only the plane’s nose gear and left landing gear had descended. The right landing gear would not release. The airliner made a go-around as the crew attempted to fix the problem. Passenger Jim Falk knew something was wrong saying, “Normally a big plane like that doesn’t do a bypass, so we knew something was wrong.”

However, the pilot decided that nothing could be done to bring the gear down, and an emergency landing was declared. “We are going to have an unusual landing,” the pilot calmly announced to the 53 passengers seated on the plane, according to passenger Moritz Loew. Another passenger, Paul Lasiuk said he was more shocked than scared, telling himself, “You have no choice. You’re going to go through this.”

“Brace! Brace! Brace!”, the pilot announced over the plane’s public address system, calling for passengers to enter the brace position as the plane made a touchdown on the runway at Newark. The plane touched down on the nose wheel and left rear wheel before lurching to the right causing sparks to fly as the right engine skidded along the runway. Eventually, the plane came to stop at 9:27 A.M. EDT.

Afterward, passengers and crew evacuated the plane by sliding down the evacuation slides and moving quickly away from the plane. They were then taken by bus to the airline’s lounge where they told their stories to investigators and waited for their luggage. Three passengers reported minor injuries but refused treatment.

The emergency landing caused the airport to shut down for 20 minutes, but service quickly resumed on two of the airports three runways. The plane remained on the runway throughout the afternoon as investigators determined the cause of the landing gear failure.

This is in contrast to last week, when the airport was shutdown for six hours after a young man named Haisong Jiang breached security by passing through an exit to kiss his girlfriend goodbye.

According to passengers, the crew remained calm during the ordeal. Jim Falk said, “They did a great job. There was no yelling, screaming, panicking or anything.” Falk said he wanted to buy a bottle of champagne for the currently unnamed pilot. Falk added, “The pilot did a beautiful job. He didn’t put it in the water like the other pilot did, but he should be commended.”

What’s a great landing? One that you walk away from.

Martin Trebino, a spokesperson for United Airlines said they would not release the pilot’s name on Sunday, but did not indicate when his name would be made available either.

Paul Lasiuk said, “I’ve had a lot of worse landings at Newark before. It was unbelievably smooth.”

Moritz Loew joked with himself afterward saying, “What’s a great landing? One that you walk away from.”

The flight, which left Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport early Sunday morning around 6 A.M. reported no other problems during the flight up until the incident. According to United Airlines spokesperson Robin Urbanski, it remains unclear why the landing gear failed to deploy. Urbanski added that passengers’ tickets would be refunded and that they would receive vouchers and credit towards any future flight.

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General Contractors: Denver Leads The Way For Leed Industrial Facilities

byAlma Abell

Industrial facilities are a vital aspect to our economy. However, these facilities operate on a much larger scale than other business as they run 24 hours per day, seven days a week. As a result, industrial facilities are responsible for 30 percent of the United States total energy consumption and four percent of the nation’s domestic water usage. With the cost of consumption so high, many are looking to lower their environmental impact to increase their bottom line. This has led to a large demand for LEED general contractors. Denver industrial facilities need more sustainable construction, design, architecture, and engineering across all manufacturing industries.


LEED General Contractors: Denver Promotes Sustainability

As of today, there are more than 1,755 LEED-certified industrial facilities throughout the world according to LEED in Motion’s Industrial Facility report. That number is expected to drastically increase as there are currently more than 2,700 registered industrial facilities. As more and more industrial warehouses, manufactures, and others in the industry turn to pursue an LEED certification, general contractors will be on the frontline to offer the engaging, practical strategies needed to become more resource efficient.

With an LEED certification holding the potential to triple the bottom line of businesses, the environment, and profits, industrial facilities throughout the nation will be prioritizing their mission to become more environmentally-friendly.

As LEED general contractors, Denver construction company, iiCONG Construction Group, helps businesses make good business decisions with sustainable building. Using the most advanced and effective LEED strategies, industrial facilities have the potential to save millions as green building pays for itself over time.

The Deadliest Fall

The Deadliest Fall

18 December 2004

Emergency hospital during 1918 influenza epidemic, Camp Funston, Kansas (source: National Museum of Health and Medicine, AFIP).

A bout of the flu can be mild. In young, healthy adults, many infections pass unnoticed. But sometimes the influenza virus evolves into a strain that decimates its victims. The worst known strain swept the world in the Fall of 1918, infecting 500-1000 million and killing 40-100 million, about 2-5% of people.

There are several theories about where the pandemic began, but the likeliest origin was in Haskell County, Kansas, in the United States. People in the sparsely populated county, where farmers raised pigs, poultry, cattle, and grain, began suffering from influenza in late January 1918. Unusually for flu, it was young, healthy adults who were hardest hit. Victims fell ill suddenly, many progressing to pneumonia and dying, often within days. Within weeks, however, the epidemic ended. The natural geographic isolation of this community normally might have contained the fatal flu in a sort of unintentional quarantine, but the First World War intervened. Men were uprooted from their home towns and congregated in huge numbers in army camps for training and then shipping out to other camps or to fight in Europe. The destination for men from Haskell County was Camp Funston, part of Fort Riley, Kansas, where the first influenza case was reported in early March. As soldiers moved among camps, the virus spread. Within two months, the epidemic spread to most of the army camps and most of the largest cities in the United States. As American soldiers went to France, so did the virus, spreading first from the port of Brest.

The flu then spread worldwide. The pandemic reached its height in the Fall of 1918. Spain was affected early, and because Spain was not fighting in the World War, there was no wartime censorship, and news of the outbreak became widely known, leading to the flu being called the Spanish Flu in many countries. In Spain, however, it was called French Flu or the Naples Soldier. In India, about 12 million people died of flu. In some US cities, people died so quickly that morticians couldn’t cope with the bodies. According to Jessie Lee Brown Foveaux, who worked in the Fort Riley laundry during the epidemic: “They were piling them up in a warehouse until they could get coffins for them.”

The disease started with cough, then headache. Temperature, breathing and heart rate increased rapidly. In the worst cases, pneumonia came next, the lungs filling with liquid, drowning the patients and turning them blue from lack of air. Patients bled from every orifice: mouths, noses, ears, eyes. Those who survived often suffered temporary or permanent brain damage. Several million developed encephalitis lethargica, in which victims were trapped in a permanent sleeplike and rigid state, as portrayed in the 1990 movie “Awakenings.” In others, normal thought processes were impaired. During negotiations to end World War I, US President Woodrow Wilson was struck with flu, and people around him noted that his mental abilities never fully recovered. The French leader George Clemenceau had wanted harsher punishment of Germany than Wilson had desired. Clemenceau may have convinced Wilson in his weakened state to accept such harsh terms, which may have been one of the factors causing World War II.

Since flu is highly contagious early in the illness, even before symptoms appear, strict quarantine may be necessary to stop its spread during an epidemic. Australia kept its 1918 flu death rate relatively low by enforcing quarantines. However, in many parts of the world, public health officials hesitated to impose such measures, giving the disease time to gain a foothold. In the US city of Philadelphia, a rally of half a million people was planned in September 1918 to sell bonds to fund the war, at just the time when the flu started to infect residents. Although doctors warned the public health director to cancel the rally, he wanted to meet the city’s quota to raise money for the war and refused to cancel the event. Within days after the rally, half a million city residents caught the flu.

Why was the 1918 flu so deadly? The influenza virus wasn’t preserved at the time of the outbreak, at least on purpose. But in the late 1990s researchers Ann Reid, Jeffery K. Taubenberger, and their colleagues extracted and sequenced the genetic material of the virus, RNA, from tissue of victims who died in the pandemic. They used bits of lung that were preserved in formalin from victims on army bases or from victims buried in permafrost in the Alaskan village of Brevig Mission, where flu killed 85% of adults. Comparisons with known flu viruses in humans, pigs, and birds suggest that some genes of the 1918 virus came from birds or an unknown animal source. Other scientists then were able to show that the amino acid sequence of hemagglutinin protein from the 1918 virus had several changes from other flu viruses that may have helped it to easily bind and invade human cells, and that made the virus look different enough from earlier flu virus strains that people had no immunity.

The possibility exists that another flu pandemic will sweep the world like the one in 1918. In 2004, an H5N1 influenza virus has killed millions of birds and at least 30 people in southeast Asia. So far this virus strain has not evolved the ability to pass directly from human to human, but that possibility becomes more likely as the bird flu pandemic continues and humans remain in contact with chickens, ducks, and other birds. The virus has killed two-thirds of people reported to be infected. Dr. Tim Uyeki, an epidemiologist for the US Centers for Disease Control, says, “you have the ingredients in Asia right now for a public health disaster.”

But since sequences of this bird flu virus are known, it may be possible to develop a vaccine or set of vaccines to protect against it. At a special meeting of influenza experts on November 11th and 12th, World Health Organization influenza program chief Klaus Stohr said, “It is not only possible, but also important, that influenza pandemic vaccines be made available… and there’s a shared responsibility needed to make that happen…. We have a huge window of opportunity now.”

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Choosing The Best Materials For Your House Plan

Submitted by: Caroline N. Moon

Almost everyone has his or her own idea of a beautiful house. Some even call such idea as their dream house. The idea created is often complete with all amenities and home furnishings; even the backyard and location are already determined in their concept of a dream house. For architects and designers, this idea is called a house plan. A professional and architectural plan for any house is more complete and sufficient in details. These house plans come either as ready made or personalized and customized to suit to the owner s preferences and the dream house, if there is any. Most people desirous to build their own house choose a plan by considering merely the style, design, size, amenities, and location. Although these considerations are important, the quality and affordability of materials, the style and complexities of the structure, and the security for the dwellers and properties inside are more valuable than any other matters of house planning for the owner.

Once you have the right house plan that fits your preferences, you should then consider the materials. These materials must come from high quality materials with the most competitive price. An affordable and quality material is the best to choose from among those available in the market. These components of the house structure make the residential building stronger and long lasting. A house that is built and composed of great materials can definitely withstand the test of time and will last for a lifetime. Moreover, with the right style and designs of these structural materials, they are certainly equipped to further embellish and beautify your home. Finally, choosing only the best and high quality components in building your house gives you outstanding security and great economic benefits. This feeling of security is both applicable to your person and your pocket. A good house structure will definitely stand firm against strong winds, heavy rains, and snow, and its paint will not easily wear out due to extreme weather changes. Thus, the beauty, quality, and comfortability of the house remain glaring and striking even after so many years past. Further, this leads to the economic advantage of saving from costs of repairs and repaints in the future.


Indeed, choosing a house plan does not only mean choosing the best style and right size of the residential structure. The owner should also take into serious consideration the quality and affordability of the materials to be used for its construction. There are different great benefits in making the right choice of materials for constructing the best and most elegant house. More than the external features and aesthetics of the residential building, its internal components and elements of built and make are also essential to live in the most safe and highly reliable house that can withstand the harshest times and challenges to its structure. In the long run, you find yourself saved and spared from the costs of recurring structural defects that threaten the safety of your family and diminishes the beauty of the building.

About the Author: Caroline N. Moon enjoys writing for Yuma’s Bargain Warehouse which sells

Silver Tarps


Ball Bungee

as well as a host of additional products.


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UK chancellor raises national insurance payments for self employed in new budget

UK chancellor raises national insurance payments for self employed in new budget

Friday, March 10, 2017

UK chancellor Philip Hammond announced his 2017 budget on Wednesday, which included a £2 billion pledge to social care and a tax hike on the self-employed. It was accused of breaking Conservative Party manifesto promises.

Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond, from file, 2016. Image: Andrej Klizan.

It was announced there will be a 2% increase in national insurance contributions for the self-employed, with chancellor Philip Hammond citing worries that people were choosing to become self-employed in order to pay lower taxes and his perception of unfairness in the different rates paid by employees and self-employees. There were accusations this change in policy goes against the manifesto promises the Conservative Party ran on in 2015, which promised four times that there would be no increase in national insurance rates. Conservative MP Anna Soubry tweeted saying she believed these new measures would be unpopular as many would see them as unfair. The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn, claimed the new measures will not clamp down on people whose self-employment is just for tax benefits, instead causing problems for those legitimately self-employed, arguing that if they are to start paying similar tax rates to the employed then they should get rights such as statutory maternity pay. The think tank Resolution claimed, however, this increase is outweighed by other government policies and is, therefore, a good move.

In addition to this, the chancellor announced a £2 billion pledge to social care over the next three years, saying he was aware of the stress the ageing population is having on the NHS and social care. Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb described the amount as “wholly inadequate”, saying much more is needed to pay for an increase in care demands due to the ageing population. The lowest threshold at which shareholders pay dividend taxes is to be lowered from £5,000 to £2,000 claiming that the taxes for dividends provided “an extremely generous tax break for investors with substantial share portfolios”. Other budget announcements include an additional £325 million for the NHS, £90 million transport spending for the North of England, £20 million to support campaigning against violence against girls and women and a slight increase in funding for the devolved governments.

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Decorate Your Dream Room With Stylish Window Blinds!

Submitted by: Astin Sharon

Window blinds can illuminate your room with its varying colors, styles and designs. Different types of window blinds are designed to serve specific purpose like providing privacy, blocking sunlight and many more. Right window blinds will enhance your home d cor and will make your money worth.

Gone are the days when people used to apply curtains or some other cloth for covering their room or office windows as in today s modern world, the existence of window blinds speak a lot about privacy and fashion world. We all want some amount of sunlight to enter our room especially at the time of chilling winters when one desire to feel some warmth. However many a times either you get immense quantity of sunlight heating up your body after few minutes or may get less sunlight which still makes you deprived of warmth. Thus to avoid this, window blinds act as the perfect window covering giving you variety of options according to your need and requirement.

Several types of blinds are available in the market like office blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, each designed to serve a specific purpose. Because of the multi purpose nature of blinds, they have become quite popular and demanding, overcoming traditional materials like curtains applied in offices and public buildings. The availability of different types of blinds in different colors, styles and designs enable you to match the color of your blind with your furniture color. Also this allows you to give any irregular shaped window at your home an attractive and elegant look.


Blind are made up of different materials. One can have blinds made of wood, fabric and other materials depending upon the requirement. Each of the material offers specific advantage to the consumer. Window blinds come with different functions like some may have the cord pull system and other can be operated automatically via remote control. To make your money worth you should choose those window blinds which add extra charm and elegance to your home d cor. Also one should buy quality window blinds from a credible dealer like

Buying quality blinds from such a dealer will assure superior performance of your blinds. Also such companies offer cleaning, repair and maintenance services to increase the shelf life of your blinds. It is really a foolish step to buy cheap window blinds as initially they may enhance the appearance of your room and serve your specific purpose but after some weeks will start to get old, losing harm and elegance.

How to choose right window blinds?

It is really a hard thing to choose the right window blind for your room. Gauging at different types of blinds makes you confused regarding trusting any one of them. However the foremost thing while deciding to buy the window blinds is to know the color and style scheme you want for your blind. This can be evaluated by considering the wall color and furniture color in your room.

Window blinds can be made from different materials like vinyl, wood, and fabric. If you want sophisticated look without any other decoration then wooden blinds or roman blinds are the best option. Vertical blinds are also a good option if you want to block the sunrays as such blinds give you the power to control the amount of light entering your room. Vertical blinds are easy to clean and act as the perfect style statement for your home d cor.

If we talk about the roller blinds then they are the ones which offer utmost privacy and light control ability. Roller Blinds are the modern face of window blinds and can enhance the appearance of your room to a great extent. Different types of roller blinds are available like day/night style of roller blinds, plain roller blinds, lace and sunscreen roller blinds and many more.

Specially made for your office, office blinds understand the office environment and offer options to perform various functions like privacy, light control and many others. To conclude, window blinds are one of the most important features of home d cor and if used sensibly can enhance the overall beauty of the room.

About the Author: Being among the top notch companies in the UK, we offer quality window blinds suiting the needs and requirements of each individual. To know more about superior window blinds, visit

and access wide range of window blinds and other window coverings.


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