Bling Cleaner A Cleaner For Every Situation}

Bling Cleaner A Cleaner for Every Situation


Jack Sam White

Bling and Formula 420 have developed some of the most effective and diverse range of cleaning solutions on the market. Solutions for nearly any application from vaporizers and hookahs to water-pipes and dry pipes. They can clean glass, metal, Pyrex, porcelain, ceramic, plastic and wood. All cleaners are made by Formula 420 and branded Formula 420. Bling Cleaner is essentially the same product, made by the same company, simply under a different, less conspicuous name.

Here are all of the cleaners you can use at every situation, detailing their intended goal, what they are used on, and which cleaner is best for you.

Bling All Natural: This is an all-natural blend of cleaner made with organic ingredients. A spin off of Blings original cleaner for daily use. Built to clean glass, metal and ceramic. Best used on smaller pieces, like pipes, small bubblers, and vaporizer parts.


Bling Cleaner Daily: This is Blings original cleaner. This Bling solution has abrasive micro-beads what create a very rough formula to seriously attack resin and other build-up. Designed for use on Pyrex, glass, metal, and ceramic. This is an excellent cleaner for small bowls, bottom of pipes, and vaporizer glass pieces, especially those vaporizer screens.

Bling Cleaner Daily Concentrate: This Bling Cleaners large size and ability to add water makes it a fantastic value, and cleaning your piece in only 1-minute! Effective on Pyrex, glass, metal and ceramic. This solution also has the patented abrasive micro-beads, which makes this an ideal solution for large water pieces as well as hookahs.

Formula 420 Soak n Rinse: This solution is designed for overnight soaking. Use it on just about any material, except for plastic and rubber. It is a light, effective solution perfect for both large and small pieces.

Formula 420 All Natural: This all natural cleaner is formulated for one-minute action! Great for smaller pieces and parts, such as vaporizer mouthpieces and whips. Works very well on pipes and bowls too. The solution is all natural, non-toxic, so you may use on Pyrex, glass, plastic, rubber, wood, metal, or ceramic.

Formula 420 One Minute Cleaner: Very similar to Bling Cleaner for daily use, this product is fast-acting, cleaning in one minute. It has abrasive micro-beads to clean even the dirtiest pieces. Works better on smaller pieces, or in corners, bottoms, and crevasses of larger pieces. Effective on Pyrex, glass, metal, and ceramic.

Formula 420 and Bling Cleaners have a solution for any piece, large or small, glass or plastic. You got it, they can clean it. All cleaners are non-toxic and not alcohol based; presenting an effective, healthy, and environmentally friendly way to clean your toys!

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