Celebrex May Cause Heartburn

By Chuck Hoskins

If you suffer from the daily pain of conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or painful menstrual cycles, Celecoxib, may be the medication that your doctor prescribes. This medication, known under the commercial name of Celebrex is only available by prescription, and is used to effectively treat the chronic pain that is associated with conditions like arthritis, pain after dental procedures and pain during menstruation. It can help to relieve a variety of other symptoms as well, including inflammation, stiffness and swelling that can accompany some of these conditions. While medications like this can be an effective way to treat short-term or chronic pain, there are side effects that can occur. In the case of Celebrex, heartburn and other forms of gastrointestinal upset are some of the most common side effects that you might need to deal with.

Managing Heartburn with Celebrex


Since this medication is only available by prescription, your doctor will be monitoring your side effects while on Celebrex, including heartburn. While there are some treatment options available for heartburn, it is important to talk to your doctor about which medications are best, since some can interact with your Celebrex prescription. There are also some steps that you can take to avoid the link between your Celebrex and heartburn. First, while you are taking Celebrex, it is best to avoid alcoholic drinks as much as possible. This can help reduce the risk of heartburn on Celebrex, since alcohol can contribute to this condition. Smoking should also be avoided for the same reason. Sometimes dietary changes can help prevent heartburn while on Celebrex as well. You can also avoid taking other medications like NSAID’s, ibuprofen and naproxen while taking Celebrex to avoid heartburn risk. Finally, taking your medication with a full glass of water can also keep stomach upset and heartburn at bay.

Since there are a number of side effects that can come from taking Celebrex, and heartburn is one of the least concerning, it is usually not necessary to discontinue your doses of Celebrex because of heartburn symptoms. This is good news for many who are suffering from chronic pain of one type or another, and finding relief through this prescription medication. If you are taking Celebrex, and heartburn symptoms have become bothersome for you, you can talk to your doctor about the best way to treat your heartburn while taking Celebrex. You may find that you are not only pain free, but heartburn free as well.

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