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They are always there for us when we come back from work or have had a hard day. Dogs are truly man s best friend. There is often a moment in any dog owners life when they will need to their pet moved but simply cannot do it themselves. In this situation many owners are hesitant to put their dog in someone else s care, let alone have it moved across the country. Every dog is different and none should be transported without proper care and preparation. However, by following this guide, you can rest easy knowing that transporting your dog will be as smooth as possible.


The first thing to remember is that every dog is different. Not only in shape and size but also in terms of temperament and health. Clearly then it is necessary that you assess your dog before you commit to having it transported. Take in consideration the behaviour your dog exhibited when it was last transported.

You will need to make a visit to the vets to have your dog checked that it is properly vaccinated and healthy enough to cope with being transported. Shipping a sick dog is always best avoided as transport can worsen a pre-existing condition. Dogs can car sick as well, so it is likely that the vet may suggest using a sedative to calm down your dog when it is being transported!

If you are providing the kennel make sure you clearly mark the dogs name, your name, address and telephone number. If your dog has any tags or identity collars put them on before it is transported.


Fed and Watered

Make sure your dog is fed five or six hours before being transported. Regardless of who is transporting your dog, he or she will need a bowl of water during transit. Your dog will feel less agitated if it has few home comforts such as its favourite toy and few snacks.

When you move house

If you are moving home and bringing your dog as a consequence you need to research whether your new place is dog friendly. If it is a new apartment then you need to check with the owner or landlord whether animals and specifically dogs are permitted. Some places will ban particular breeds so it is important to specify what breed your dog is. Also, there may be a cap on the number of pets allowed in any one property.

If your dog is moving with you when you move house it is best to know what day the removals company will be coming. Your dog should then be kept at a friends or at kennel and transported after the removal company has loaded and unloaded all your possessions.

Your vet will be best source of information when it comes to working out whether your dog will have any special requirements and they will also be able to give a copy of the dogs veterinary records.

Dog Couriers

In the United Kingdom, courier services that transport dogs are obligated to be licensed with DEFRA. Do not hand over your canine friend to a dog moving company before you have seen all the proper paperwork. Also be sure to investigate their levels of experience with dog transportation as well as their insurance cover.

Your doggy courier should be given the fullest amount of information available. It is important that the courier knows the dogs breed, size, temperament and other special requirements. Not all transporters will have their enclosures at hand and if this is the case, obviously you will need to provide you own.

Remember reward your dog and give it a treat when it arrives at his destination; car journeys are not the most fun experience for dogs.

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