Real Estate Investing The Top 10 Financing Mistakes

Real Estate Investing – The Top 10 Financing Mistakes by Susan Lassiter-LyonsAs a mortgage broker that works exclusively with real estate investors, I have encountered just about every crazy and botched financing scenario that you can imagine. Over the course of the years, I have kept a list of the crazy things that investors do (it’s quite long) and today I’ll share the top 10 with you. Don’t make these mistakes!1. Quitting the Day Job Too SoonRepeat after me: Equity does not pay the bills. I see it happen all the time. An investor gets a few rentals and decides to quit the day job to pursue investing full time. Big mistake. Don’t quit the job until you have 12 months living expenses saved up and/or monthly cash flow equal to what you were making at your day job.2. Being Broke and GreedyMy mentor used to say, You can’t be broke AND greedy.” In REI investor world it means that if you have no money to put into a deal you better be prepared to pay high rates or give up some equity to a partner.3. Underestimating Holding CostsIf you’re a flipper, in most areas today, your properties are taking a lot longer to move. Factor in ALL of your holding costs to the budget – loan payments, utilities, etc – so you don’t lose all your profit.4. Not Properly Setting Up Your EntityIf you list your occupation as real estate investor on a mortgage loan application, you are in for a tough road ahead with the underwriter. You may as well say you are a drug dealer. Same goes for naming your LLC. Try not to reference anything having to do with flipping or foreclosure help or anything like that. Stick to an easy name to deal with like Acme, LLC.5. Paying Cash for a PropertyPaying cash for a property is fine as long as you don’t need the money back anytime soon. If you do, then you’re trying to get an unseasoned cash out refinance and if you’re lucky enough to find a lender to do the loan, you will pay through the nose for it.6. Buying a Rental That Won’t Cash FlowWHY would you do that? Remember, equity does not pay the bills. This is the main reason why investors go broke.7. Deeding The Property to an LLC Before It Is In Permanent FinancingLet’s say you buy a property with private money and take title in your LLC. When you go to refinance it, the lender will either require you to deed it out of your LLC before closing or they will deny the loan outright. Risk mitigators are telling lenders that the loans that have the highest rate of default are usually in names of LLC’s so many lenders won’t touch them if they’ve EVER been titled in your LLC. Just take title in your name, get your financing set and THEN put it into your LLC for asset protection, etc.8. Using Hard Money That Doesn’t Include RepairsThis is just dumb. Just use a 100% conventional loan at half the rate and 1/4 the fees and have the seller pay closing costs since you’re funding the repairs out of pocket anyway.9. Listing for Sale While In Short Term FinancingI have guys come to me all the time to try to refinance their short term hard money loan because the flip has not sold. Um… no. Why? Well, you have a vacant, unseasoned, rental property that has been listed on the MLS within the last 6 months. Even if we can get a lender to do the refinance you will have a prepay penalty that will make you cry. 10. Not Having Adequate Cash ReservesYou should not own a property and have no money in the bank or available credit on a line of credit. Something will come up and then you will be forced to make a bad decision.Susan Lassiter-Lyons, owner of Lassiter Mortgage Group, specializes in residential and commercial financing for real estate investors. Visit for more information.Article Source:

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