Stop Dog Biting

Stop Dog Biting


Lynn Winters

But basically, the success of this task depends on you. Yes, it is you who can do it. Here are some steps to follow:

1) The first thing to do is to know what causes this behavior.

Look back and think hard of the times when he growls and attempts to bite you or others around him. Check patterns, such as readying himself to bite when someone is near him while eating and someone he is not familiar with is inside the house. Stopping dog biting will then become easy.

2) Show your dog that you are the chief.


These pets are known to live in packs. They wait for the commands of their leader. But because you are not part of them (obviously), you must be able to establish that you are the head of their pack. It should not be the case of your dog dominating you. You have to give him orders that he must follow. Say \”stop\” if he growls or attempts to bite someone. Make the tone of your voice telling him that you are the one in authority.

3) You may also look into the concern on aggression as this will help you address dog biting. Do you starve your dog that he is ready to bite every time he sees someone with food? If yes, given him enough food. Feed him on schedule. Or, is he afraid of something? Is he afraid of people strange to him? If yes, teach him to socialize. Walk him to the park where there are a lot of people. Soon as he gets used to seeing a lot of people, give him toys so he can play around the area.

4) Do you tease your dog every time? This is wrong because when he can no longer take it he will begin to show his teeth and sharpen his eyes. He will surely bite. Do not do this. Play him with enjoyment.

5) Do not provoke your dog to bark too hard and to bite all because you want him to protect your home. If you continue to do this you will only regret it because he will no longer see you as his master. Dogs bite when mad. You will fail to stop dog biting. Look for other ways to protect your home.

6) Do not hit your dog if he bites. You will just reinforce his emotions. Never give him a touch of caress either. It will only send a wrong signal that you like what he is doing.

7) If after doing anything and nothing happens, send him to a dog training.

Dog biting truly limits your pet from being with other people. It also stops you from being friends with him. Worse, you keep him in his crate always. But you can change your and your dog\’s state by applying methods to stop him from biting.

You may believe that dog training is unnecessary. You may also believe that it only wastes money. You can teach your pet by yourself. But the question remains: will it understand you?

Remember, this one requires expertise to ensure that your dog will be able to adapt successfully in its surroundings. Hence, the rationale for sending it to school. The pointers above is not comprehensive. There are a lot more to learn.

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Dog Biting and How to Stop it

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