Things To Consider When Opting For Weight Loss Surgery

Things To Consider When Opting For Weight Loss Surgery


Chris Chew

There are several weight loss cosmetic plastic surgery options such as liposuction, lap-band surgery, mesotherapy (although mesotherapy may not be considered a surgery, it is still a medically invasive weight loss procedure) etc.

As with any medical surgical operation, there are clear and present risks of health complications. Therefore when one is considering a weight loss surgical option, it should be the last resort to lose weight when every other method with professional instruction such as dieting and exercising has failed.

You should definitely try to lose weight with other methods first such being on an exercise and healthy dieting program. If you do not know how to start, then engage a qualified fitness instructor if you need someone to teach, motivate and push you towards your weight loss goals.

Your fitness personal trainer will not only guide you through your exercises and workouts, he or she will also plan a proper eating program for you and at the same time, monitor weight loss progress professionally.


You must need to be aware that even with a successful weight loss surgery and you continue with your bad eating habits and do not do regular exercises, the weight you have lost may very likely to return to haunt you.

This can be rather distressful after so much money is spent and the ordeal of undergoing a surgeon’s knife. Therefore a weight maintenance program is very crucial for your long term success.

When, all else fail which is unlikely, and then it may be plausible to go under the surgeon’s knife for the surgical procedure. There are issues to consider if you opt for weight loss surgery or in medical term, a bariatric surgery.

You should be least 100 pounds overweight or your BMI (body mass index) is 40 and above. You may also have hypertension, diabetes, or sleep apnea and have tried to lose weight unsuccessfully using other methods.

However, a weight loss surgery is not recommended if you are suffering from psychiatric effects, drug and alcohol addiction, medical conditions that may contraindicate the surgery and or having unreasonable expectations.

Also, you must understand that you are undergoing the surgery for yourself and for your health. If you and your spouse are having problems and you think that surgical option will make your spouse love you more, then the surgery definitely not for you.

Another example will be that you want to attract somebody else and think that a slimmer post surgery will make you more attractive to the person you like, then again, this is not for you because you may suffer from bad surgery psychological effect when you fail to attract that person.

Before your surgery, extensive medical and psychological testing will be conducted by your plastic surgeon to determine if a meet the medical guidelines and is a good candidate for a successful weight loss surgery.

Do research the subject extensively and consult your plastic surgeon or even a psychologist before you come to an informed decision to undergo a weight loss surgery.

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