Why Your Hair Needs Balayage Hair Color

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byAlma Abell

Natural hair colors are not all one shade. Every head of hair has multiple tones of colors thanks to genetics and the sun. When people color their hair it will never look natural if these highlights are not included. That is fine for anyone that prefers an artificial look and wants a solid color. It is not okay when a woman wants their hair to look fabulous and natural. Balayage Hair Color is a process that puts highlights into hair in a method that looks genuine to the wearer and is much less noticeable as the hair grows out.

What is Balayage?

This is not a brand of hair color or a particular style. Balayage is a technique. The stylist paints the color onto the hair to create random, soft highlights that will vary in appearance across the hair.

How is it different from traditional highlighting?

Foil treatments create chunks of highlighted strands. These usually look natural when done correctly and when they are first applied. Once the roots begin to grow they become very obvious and much less appealing. Balayage Hair Color is soft and random and continues to look natural even as the roots get longer. This makes it easier to allow a little extra time between sessions and does not automatically mean it is necessary to add more color to cover the highlights as the hair grows.

Can it be done at home?

Balayage can be done anywhere depending on how people want their hair to look. This treatment is not as simple as it may sound. Hair stylists require hours of practice to get their techniques right. It is a matter of knowing how much to add and where to add the highlights. It is very important to trust the process to a professional if the purpose is to make the hair look more natural and flattering.

Balayage techniques are not only available for natural hair colors. Women that want vivid shades can also request the service. They can provide the same highlights in green, pink and rainbow hair colors too. Using this technique will give even un-natural shades more depth and light-capturing drama. Visit Ssalondayspa.com to learn more.

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