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Having back pains might not be a life threatening condition but it surely is a life changing one. Your ADLs are affected. You cant function as well compared when you were still free from the pain. And so, to avoid these back pains from occurring, start with purchasing an ergonomic chair that will protect your back.

An ergonomic chair is one that is designed with ease of use in mind. The structures that are present are not fancy. Rather, they are placed there with their respective modifications to allow for the most comfortable use of the chair.

Ergonomic chairs have several features. These are the features that can help prevent or reduce the occurrence of back pains:

Adjustable height. This can refer to the total height of the chair. You can adjust how high the seat is from the floor. You can decide to have your feet touch the floor or not. The height adjustments also allow the person to control the height that their arms can reach. For example, when working in front of a computer, there will be height differences that need to be corrected to reduce back, neck and arm strain.


It may also be related to the height of the chairs backrest. To further prevent back problems or to have the at a comfortable position, the height of the backrest needs to be adjusted to the height of the persons back.

There are contours on the chair that correspond with the contours that are present on the back of a person. And these areas need to perfectly meet so that the back can be well supported.

Adjustable width. This can mostly refer to the width of the back rest. Different people have different trunk sizes and the difference will be important when considering a good support for the backs position.

There are several dimensions by which a chair may be considered good enough for the back but it really lies on specific conditions. You can know if a chair is good enough for you by trying it out. The moment that you sit down on the chair, you should be comfortable already.

Adjustable depth. This pertains to the distance from the front to the back of the chair. For the chair to be good for people with back pain, there should be at least 2-4 inches of space on the back of the knees and the seat.

Swivel. A chair that swivels allows for faster and more convenient performance of tasks. Also, there is no need to strain in order to reach things that are on your desk. You can avoid back pains as well as stretching your arms and neck.

Angle adjuster. There are seats that can allow for the angle of the chair to be adjusted. Having this kind of feature in your chair will mean that you can tilt the chair on a position that is most comfortable for you. This angle adjuster may be applied to the backrest or to the main base of the chair itself.

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