Wedding Reception Game Ideas Centerpiece Events That Can Be A Center Of Attention

By Jennifer Walter

In most cases, the centerpiece should be something very beautiful. For this reason, every guest will wish to take home the centerpiece. There is often a conversation around every table on who will win this prize.

To determine the winner of the centerpiece, it is good to device a contest in which the winner will be given the trophy. If you think of any game, it should be something which every guest will not only take pleasure in, but something which every guest will love to be part and parcel of. Below are some activities that you can use to decide who will take the centerpiece as trophy:

You can device a game in which twenty issues will be put to stake. The guests are given papers and pens and a series of twenty enquiries are asked. Ahead of putting forth these problems, the guests will be highlighted or given a clue on where the answer should lead to. The guests will tender their answers through a yell. It is then left to the person asking the questions to decide if the response is accurate or not. Whoever offers the right reply should be given the centerpiece. This game could be coordinated by an MC or a DJ. Each table is required to come up with an answer and as soon as an answer is offered from a particular table, the person with that answer from the particular table gets the centerpiece and the table is eliminated as well. The game continues for the rest of the tables until all the centerpieces are given away.

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Another way to decide who gets the centerpiece is to affix a number to it. The guests will then be given a number. When the centerpiece is decided to be given, the winning number will be called and the guest with that number is given the centerpiece.

You can think of so many methods to give out the centerpiece. You can come up with something unique or extraordinary that will thrill the guestss. It could be something very simple as well as something a bit difficult. It can be a game which will resemble a contest in which whoever does it perfectly and ahead of the others gets the centerpiece. Anything innovative and interesting will be appreciated by the guests.

There are so many options open to you. You can decide to request something extraordinary from the guests. This will be made public and the guest who produces the thing requested for is given the centerpiece. But remember that it should be something that cannot easily be found.

One thing about making the activity of giving away the centerpiece is to make the game easy. Remember that your ultimate aim is that someone should take the centerpiece home. It will be uninteresting if at the end, nobody gets any of the guesses correct. In other cases, you can decide to give a centerpiece to each table. In this case, you will leave the option of who gets it to the members of the table. They should come up with their own criteria on who is winner. But this will be made known to the entire guests.

You can also think of the game of dollar bills. This is one and the same thing like music chairs. But in this game, no chairs are used. Instead, a dollar bill is handed to the guests and the music is started. At some point, the music will be stopped and whoever is found in keeping of that bill when the music stops should be given the centerpiece. You may turn it around by getting rid of the person in keeping of the bill. But remember that this option my take long to get the winner.

Something more special can be decided. You can also find out whose birthday is on that day. The person should be given the centerpiece. The longest married couple may also be given the centerpiece. Just come up with something out of the ordinary.

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